How to activate trunk/ML2 type driver on Openstack

Pahrial Ms
1 min readJan 16, 2022

If you want to activate a plugin that has not been activated by default or you did not activate the plugin at the time of installation, don’t worry because you can activate it on an existing openstack, lets say you want to enable another ML2 type driver (trunk). It’s quite easy actually.

In this case i need to edit the ml2_conf.ini file:

sudo vim /etc/kolla/neutron-server/ml2_conf.ini

Find text below and add trunk plugin

service_plugins = router,trunk

After I am done with the editing, the only thing left to do is to restart the Neutron server container:

sudo docker restart neutron_server

Done. As you can see, Kolla keeps all the OpenStack configuration files in /etc/kolla.

Verify service operation

Source the administrative project credentials and list the enabled extensions.
Use the command openstack extension list --network to verify that the Trunk Extension and Trunk port details extensions are enabled.

or using command openstack network trunk list if you don’t see any error it means you succeeded.